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Monday, March 1, 2010

Jack Rogers meets Target

Target = one of my top 5 favorite places to shop.

I try to make it to Target at least once a week or so, usually during the weekend sometime. I love it because you can find ANYTHING and EVERYTHING there:
  • bathing suits at a good price
  • cute clothes/dresses
  • adorable shoes
  • cleaning products
  • bath/body products
  • electronics
  • school supplies
  • home decor - bedroom, bathroom, and everything in between
This past Saturday, I think I loved Target more than I ever have before. Let me show you why:

Jack Rogers style....

....at a Target price!

Granted, these aren't authentic Jack Rogers sandals, and they don't have every single Jack touch and detail, but why does that matter?!

My local Target only had the brown ones in stock. I went home to check online and the platinum colored sandals were out of stock, as well as a white with gold trim sandal in the same style. They DID, however, have the pink sandals online, which I just ordered today. You could literally buy all four colors for the price of ONE pair of authentic Jack Rogers sandals. Now, I like authenticity. I have a pair of Jacks and I absolutely love them and wear them often when the weather permits me to do so. I recommend them highly for the spring and summer. But I just could NOT pass this deal up!

Find them at your local Target today before they disappear!!!

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